I will take you home
when you don’t know which way is up
and kiss your
remind you that breath is life
and you should do more of it
and more of me
and more of you
will become uncovered

the slanted light
sun through my venetians
and my skin will heat you,
or a streetlight and open window and
what if the neighbours see
and stars strewn across the who cares

because I am kissing you
as though I’m searching for something
but needing nothing.
you are kissing me
for all the world as though
I was a perfume manifested
overpowering you,
the high
and the vertigo
right on the edge.

October ’13

The Door

I loved her, in the way
you love things you cannot hold.
the breath before the fall,
the vine that teaches you to climb.

she was a door in unexpected places;
high above the ground
“step”, she said
and I did

on the route beneath the road
hand over hand
further up towards
the fear delicious
she smiled -

a smile stolen from the Devil.
Dirt on my hands
and whiskey in my throat.

Many miles from home,
I watched the cars pass below
from our unseen perch
delinquent birds; or bats perhaps

and wondered
how I would weather this wonder
how to handle the way
my world has widened

and the space between
my magic-makers;
my doors
and my freely-given keys.

Oakland, July 2013

old soul

“old soul,”
you got tired of hearing them say.
you thought you understood
why they came;
your body, your mind
skill or sharpness
one step above the “average”

and you wondered why I stayed.
when you were a closed door,
all thorns and no rose.
all ice and no drink
with words like poison.

I saw the boy beneath the old soul.
your weakness made me love you
quietly, in the dark,
after all the knowledge in the world
was gone
your strength and wit
are beautiful
but only beside
your humanity;
and the glow of wonder
in the eyes of a boy.

8 July 2013

28.6.13 ii

chase the summer, she thought
but found herself
thirteen thousand k’s away,
a withering tree in winter.
the sun means nothing;
only the gingerbread trail
promise of Soon,
soon, I will
touch you again.

June 2013

Tea House Conversations

“Yeah, relationships are interesting,”
he says,
“I never would have thought…”
never would have thought,
my brain continues
that I could be warmed this way
as by a fire
not just within me
but surrounding me
beholds me
fuels instead of burns me
say the studying nurses
and my memories joy me
as much as theirs.
How ordinary
and extraordinary
this is.

June 2013


Your words come to me
without the slightest warning
and suddenly
my skin is bare
flushed with blood
my veins betray
and I swear
everyone must know

June 2013

28.5.13 montreal

strange hum
like the language I’m surrounded by,
I understand only snippets
an outsider
outside her
outside myself

my grasp of my own language
breaks down
in attempt
to make sense
and maybe
it’s freedom from words
I needed


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