But The Instruction Manual Didn’t Say You Needed A Pineapple!

It seems to me as though
Is a sort of package
Like a gift we recieve
Tressed up with ribbons
And bows
And plenty of multicoloured
Wrapping paper.
Some people recieve it
Made all of glass, and with
Cellophane around it.
They can see right inside.

Once you take off
All the wrapping and the
There it is in all its glory.
Some people’s are different
From others’
And some are harder
To put together.
Some come pre-assembled-
But not very often. Service these days!

So you begin
To put it
Piece by piece
Following the instructions
Handed to you
By others who have done it before.
And sometimes
You have to make them up
As you go along.

Well I’ve figured out where to put
The “Friends”
And I know the “Happiness”
Goes over there.

So when you’ve almost finished
Building it
You can switch it on.
Press that big red button.
Type in some commands
And see what it does.
Some things
You’ll like
And other parts
Won’t be so nice.

Just keep breathing,
In and out.
Or don’t.  Your Life doesn’t care.
It doesn’t need
or food
or water.
It runs on the fuel of
Don’t forget to give it
It can stop.
You should seek
You can buy it
At any other Life
For the price of
You can buy
To fuel your Life.

So here I am
Here you are
With this thing,
This gift,
Which you have put together
Yet you’re not really sure
Who gave it to you.
I say a He
Yet others say a She.
It doesn’t
It is yours, this gift.
You could throw it away
But that will only cause
For when you toss it
Into a clattering bin
The pieces break.
The “Friends” and the “Family”
They fall off and
Shatter.  Do you really
Want to break such beautiful
Pieces of Life?
So hold onto this Life.

Now I’ve wound the
“42” on there,
And hammered the
“Conscience” to this.
But still I’m left
With one piece.
I’m left
This pineapple!
And looking at
My new toy.
It came with the kit
It wasn’t here before.
It’s the last piece
It must fit.
The instruction manual didn’t say you needed a

So I sat
And folded the leaves
Into birds.
I used the spines
To decorate the Life.
I sucked the juice
And devoured the fruit
Licking my fingers
Savouring every last
And when I was finished
I was satisfied
With my Life.

December ’04


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