Animal in the road

Animal stand in the middle of the road.  Animal growl.  Animal sense.  Animal smell.  Hardroad.  Hard to get out.
Animal feel eyes on him; them, they.  They in cars, either side, both directions, all looking at he.  He, animal, trapped here, no way out.  Hackles rise.  Teeth show.  Claws extend, but nowhere to go.
They look and gawk; he stare.  Sees the sky.  Feels the pull.  Wildcall – from one who knows his name.  
Still rushingwhooshing they go.  Past him.  Looking but not seeing.  Them in machines.  Machine – he knows machine.  Feels to be one.  Some days.
Again heat, again pull, again sky.  Whichway?  He asks.  Wherego?  Either side, same danger.  But freedom.  Possibility of freedom.
Mustchoose.  Muscles gather.  Hair prickles.  Choice made.  Leap into nomore.  Gone – but taking them with me.
Animal end.

February ’07


1 Response to “Animal in the road”

  1. 1 Indeterminacy December 10, 2007 at 10:38 am

    Amazing piece – these were the thoughts of an animal – it really convinced me. Quite a shock at the end, too.

    Glad I stumbled upon your “secret” network of blogs.

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