Night; we trickle in from varied paths, out of the dark into the hall. Murmurs. Laughter. We are here with a purpose; we are here to make music.

It is casual, but not without a tension, an energy. A hidden eagerness to begin. To put out our everything. I am new. I stand at the edge, determined to do my best. This is to be my initiation.

We gather around he, our heart. Our beat. He gifts us with courage. We lift each other up, away from our weariness, to that somehow-energy that comes strongest for the very tired.

A storytelling, a teaching. We learn, we repeat, we memorise, we polish. His fingers pound for us on timeless keys the chords, the remembrance and the forgettance. The music deepens; we have found the groove. The dance swells below our voices. It rises, it covers us, we project it, we have found that place as the song raises to a climax.

We lay ourselves bare. We speak with angels.

“This, long ago, is what was called Church. They found it in the fields. They found it in the street. They sung it out from the deepest part of themselves. We are a reincarnation of their joy, and empathy for their suffering. Hold Church wherever you sing, whatever you believe.”

Silence as the song ends. Inaudible heartbeats become tangible feeling. They ring through the room.

Am I the same person leaving through these doors as when I entered them? There is something new inside me. Something awakened. I have been restless for too long; now home has come to me.

I have found Church.

Night; we trickle in from varied paths, out of the dark into the hall. Murmurs. Laughter. We are here with a purpose; we are here for a feeling. We are here for our Tribe. You are my kin; you, and you. We are sin; we find ourselves clean tonight.

March ’07


2 Responses to “Church”

  1. 1 philosophyoflife October 10, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    A beautiful “awakening” – for a church of ‘dreams’.

  2. 2 pizazz October 11, 2007 at 1:27 am

    That’s my awesome choir which this piece is about.

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