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On the writing front recently, I was in a bit of a rut but forced myself to write, and after reading some poetry, my own words came flowing again.  Forcing yourself to write doesn’t work for some people, but it seems to do so for me – of course what first comes isn’t very good, but once you get it going again, it starts to flow more naturally.

No word from Famous Reporter yet, nor a reply email from Liz Winfield.  I did, however, finish my new blog today!  I decided that I wanted to put all my writing on the net, in chronological order and easily accessible.  So I did.  A plus of this is that I can upload work almost as soon as I’ve written it for anyone to see.  I still have to finish categorising the posts but all my writing is uploaded, and the most recent posts are indeed my most recent writing.  This post will appear in the middle of them a bit, as I am uploading all my previous poetry & backdating the posts so that they appear in order.  I hope you will enjoy reading my work!



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This blog is the collection of my poetry and prose, in chronological order from most recent to oldest.

Constructive critique is actively encouraged!

I am usually singing words as well as writing them, and make lots of other art. You can find me & my other art at any of the below links. x

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