Potential writing work?

The wonder of the internet may have opened up an international opportunity for me.

A man named Andrew Bonime has commented here on my writing blog and made me an interesting offer I hadn’t even thought of before.  He is a composer and part of the company Cloudshine Global Music, which is signatory to one of the two biggest performing rights organisations in America, Broadcast Music Incorporated.  He seemed to like my poetry, and actually suggested I collaborate with him – use my poetry as lyrics to his music.  I was quite surprised by this.  I have tried a few times to put my poetry to my own music, but it’s never really worked for me.  And my main problem when writing my own songs is lyrics – I write some pretty appalling lyrics when I’m trying to write a song, often corny and clichéd beyond belief.  But, if someone else has the skills to put my poetry to music, why not?  This is a rare chance to make some money from my writing.  There are not a lot of reasons not to take it.  I’m looking into it all at the moment, finding out exactly what the deal is with the profits and copyrights and so on, and am in the process of asking the opinion of a copyright lawyer (a friend of a friend, aren’t friends grand?)  But at the moment it’s looking good.  An interesting opportunity that could open up some new doors.

I only have a few concerns.  One is that I have always wanted to publish a book of my poetry.  That’s where I was intending on heading with it, and I’m not sure if blending my poems with music will mean, through the copyright somehow, that I would not then be able to publish the poems as a separate entity anymore.  Of course, I realise that publishing a book of poetry is not the most promising way to make money.  It’s likely that I’ll hardly make any profit at all from it, and that selling my poems to a composer as lyrics will be more financially advantageous.  But a book of poetry is what I’ve always wanted to do.  I suppose sometimes we have to make these choices between profit and the love of one’s art.  Now I sound pretentious.

Another concern was in regards to my own singing and songwriting, although this concern is fairly minor… what if I later on want to put my own music with a poem I’ve already committed to someone else’s music?  I’m pretty sure that will be a no-no.   I’ll just have to get over it and write some more poetry, I suppose.  And finally, I am merely curious about the possibility of singing these songs myself – that is, once I’ve given the go-ahead to Andrew to fuse my lyrics and his music, will I be able to say “Hey, can I sing this song now?”  I would imagine that it would be possible, but I’m curious about costs, and whether I will receive, as a performer, some sort of discount seeing as I am also the lyricist.  How much would it cost me to buy my own song back?  Obviously what I’ll be paying for is the use of Andrew’s music.  But will I also be paying extra to Cloudshine Music or BMI?  If I collaborate with Andrew on a song, and he works for Cloudshine, does that mean Cloudshine own the rights to my song and I’ll be in a way buying my own words back off them?  I’m not sure how much sense I’m making here, but I don’t have the industry knowledge or “lingo” to quite articulate what I’m trying to say.  Anyway, it’s not a problem, Andrew seems understanding of my lack of experience (though hopefully in a way that does not involve taking advantage of that fact… hence why lawyer friends of friends are handy…) and I am of course asking him all these questions.  I just thought it’d be a good idea to let you all know what sort of issues I’m thinking about, and also of course recording it here for my own benefit.  Altogether it is a rather exciting prospect – and all thanks to the wonder of the internet.  Goodness gracious me.


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