What works

I haven’t been to Chado at all this week, because I’ve been very ill. But I finished a blog post I started last week about some more of my experience at Chado. Read on…

As I go, I am learning what does and doesn’t work for me in the context of writing, and specifically writing at Chado.

Firstly, something helpful. I had an idea the day I started my residency. I started filling pages of my notebook with words – random words, free-association style. Any words I could think of. The first few pages of course were fairly generic, and then (trying not to repeat words) I started moving further into my vocabulary, trying to pull out as many different words as possible.

I’m trying not to restrict myself with too many rules. I bought a new notebook specifically for my residency at Chado. In the past, I’ve always tried to keep my notebooks really organised and neat-looking. (It never works, of course, but I try.) This time I decided to try a new approach to my notebook, and allow poems to sit next to each other, around each other, in the middle of my random word associations, etc. This has actually worked really well for me. It feels more relaxed, and I spend less time worrying about what my notebook looks like, and more time actually writing.

Now, what doesn’t work for me?  So far, I’ve realised only a couple of things.

One is when there is another person with me the entire time I am there.  I encourage people to come in and say hello and have a chat, but when they’re there for the whole hour, I don’t get any writing done, and I feel guilty!

The other thing is that when I come to Chado, I have to come with the mindset of writing, and nothing else.  If I allow myself to worry & think about everything going on in my life, I get too tense & restless to write.  Luckily, Chado is a very easy place to relax & lose yourself in!

Well, hopefully next week my health will have improved and I’ll be back at Chado writing again. At the moment my prediction is that I’ll be there at 2:30pm on Wednesday & Friday. See you then!


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