inky little heart

If I could live two lifetimes
one of them would be forever yours,
I would be covered in tattoos
and lay with you always as we do now
reflecting art upon each other

and you could kiss me in the perfect way you do
every day for always
if I could live two lives
split myself asunder
I would give one of me to you

If I could live two lifetimes,
one of them would see me covered
always in your perfect words,
within your heart that meets me
as I have never before been met

all the perfect things between us
could float unchanged as we age
and I know they will, and yet
there are other parts of me now
changing faster, every day

if I could be two people,
your girl would never leave your side
I could bask forever in your beautiful smile
ask your skin to please, never
stop touching mine

no one before
has seen me as you do,
given me confidence in permanence
the courage to ink my skin
and desire a forever
if my future was sealed,
as I almost thought it was
I could put aside my uneasy heart
and rest comfortable
in the arms of your promise

if I could belong to you
as well as to myself
but I cannot
and I do not

…and yet I do

each further step I take
leads a stinging river of dark
along the paths your love left
deeper into my chest

and my inky little heart
is, for you, forever marked.


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