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foreign sister

I believe
that when you are gone
we will still feel your dreams

you have become
a native nymph

sister from across the seas
you are no more foreign
than the eucalypt,

your laughter is
the spirit
of our home.

26 Nov. ’09 –  Chado
For Anna Portas



most of them
pretended to listen;
worked out logical solutions
to the kerfuffle which had
had us sent to their office in the first place.

subconsciously they wondered
how many more angst-ridden teenagers
they would have to endure
before youth learnt its lesson
Or they had had enough.

She thought within our minds,
sent her loving mind winding
into our emotions
cared, and saw us as individuals
rather than just students
with a different variation
of the same problem (-youth.)

Her heart was in her eyes and voice,
She wore it proudly on both sleeves,
and shared with anyone who needed.

It was sometimes as though she
had been in our situation, been
a teenage girl once, and knew.
But then what of the others?
They, too, had once been young.
Why was she so different?

It was not just as though she had been
young before,
lived the teen years,
but as though she had lived many lives,
all our lives,
and seemed to understand our every word
or tear,
she never dismissed our emotions.

she treated us as equals,
and that
       made her

August ’05
For Wendy Frohmader


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