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I am alone.
The air presses down heavy on my back.
Different bed,
I’m more used to this than my own now.
Home feels strange
but nothing feels home like my head on your chest.

We are all alone
but I am incapable
of setting aside my
constant “connection”.

I am so within myself
and without, looking in
I can never see through your eyes
and I never looked.

we are fundamentally connected
but functionally alone.

I am alone.


somewhere in the city

Buildings stretch before me
like endless waves of lives.
It’s not your car,
it’s what it represents;
and how I love the one
cycling by at ten to midnight
underneath the plane,
spinning parallel along
the fault lines of the city.

The buildings almost sink into the ground.
It’s not the bricks and concrete,
it’s what they represent;
a living graveyard,
the tombs in which
we keep the breathing.

We are all just waiting.
My lungs live
to rise and fall,
along the gentle tides of my energy
strong, then strong, then weak again.

This time of the month once more,
but for the first time I am letting go.
This place again,
but this time
my lips would tell you no.

my hand unfurls.

You are somewhere in this city,
alone and dark
not thinking of me.
Your jaw clenches in your sleep.
It’s not your tension,
it’s what it represents;
I would have robbed you of your pain,
if I could.  if you’d let me.
Gripped it tight, palm alight,
jagged sharp and burning bright.

I would not have found my own way
following your downward trail.
I need both eyes upturned,
both arms to clear my path.
And you would have stumbled,
without your burning pain
to light the dark.

My hand may be scarred where
you burnt my loving skin,
but it’s not the grip that matters –
but how far we turn within.

May ’14

old soul

“old soul,”
you got tired of hearing them say.
you thought you understood
why they came;
your body, your mind
skill or sharpness
one step above the “average”

and you wondered why I stayed.
when you were a closed door,
all thorns and no rose.
all ice and no drink
with words like poison.

I saw the boy beneath the old soul.
your weakness made me love you
quietly, in the dark,
after all the knowledge in the world
was gone
your strength and wit
are beautiful
but only beside
your humanity;
and the glow of wonder
in the eyes of a boy.

8 July 2013


hers is tattooed
his bruised

A thousand people pass
what bruises do they hide,
where and what shape
origin of clumsiness
or pursuit of love,
rescuing a basketball
for a stranger’s children;
or receipt of cruelty

two friends sit
cigarillos in hand
outside in the cold.
smoke. and laugh.
I imagine the taste
and the touch of her fingers.

leaning on the window
I feel my own bruises
and the immensity
of a million fellow lives
I cannot comprehend


how I measure us
by things;
coffee cups and gingerbread,
your car
my motorcycle

sand from the beach at night,
yellow towels and oil
your pendant
my torn stockings
contact lenses.  rope.

and how I measure us
by lessons;
anger.  fear and hope.
passion, bright. hopelessness.
self-sight.  over-think
and over-talk.
forgiveness… self, each other,
how to hold
how to touch.
how to be there, day after day
month after month.
how to keep learning.

and then, back to objects,
moleskine notebooks
coffee cups
your car
my hands

full circle.

December ’12


I feel my heart beat,
sending shockwaves to my toes
blood in every inch of flesh
in this half-conscious state
I find words float to me
like chills, over my skin
with and beyond sensation
aware now of my own
self, and yet
the self has gone
my raison d’etre bereft
of breath, collapsed,
my path erased
I become nothing.
aware only of absence
feel fully my depth
the space  between my fingers
and inevitably
between  my legs
and significantly
inside my heart

November ’11


Don’t believe
this is all there is –
– bare –
expel smoke,
leave the mirrors on the edge of your plate
you’ve come this far
take one

October ’11


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