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how dare you

how dare you steal these songs from me.

I shiver when I realise

I still can’t hear her voice

without thinking of your kiss.


by pain I feel when hearing


designed to seduce

and think of your hips and your hands on mine.

I hate you for stealing these songs from me;

how her words only make me smell your hair and taste your skin

and feel the white-hot burning

of your absence

at my neck.

May ’12



because he was there
when Joni whispered at me
from the cold blue
corners of my heart

because when I was anger
all rhythm in fingers
with Ani
he was there

he was there
when the groove took me and I
met a poet
named Jill

I cannot reclaim this,
their breath affixed
forever to the words
that cracked, and mended,

their skin
the membranes that
buzz, reverberate
and now

by these vibrations
no door, no guard
they beat their way into

this singing
little heart
of mine.

February ’12


you’re just the right rhythm
the beat of a heart
more alive

send it down my spine
and whatever you do
don’t hold back

you seep through the cracks
leave notes
hinting at fervor;
taking me piece by piece
leaving nothing
but the echo of my breath:
.                      come, come, come.

May – October ’10


notes in a river
become a waterfall
then a trickle,

are we listening to his mind?
how directly does it translate
from thought
to music

an instrument
to play
or to speak through?

sometimes a shield
sometimes a window.

7 Jan. ’10 –  Chado

when you play

On the ground
in its case – perhaps a coffin
a thing of beauty, shining
glassy body, cold
yet of course beautiful.

A thing made of wood,
metal, shell

and when lifted
I take it into my lap
as a bewildering celestial thing
slightly awkward – no, it is
perfect, and I
am awkward around it.

when you wrap your arms
into her wooden curves
she is no longer wooden.
A heart beats there.
There is breath.
Her neck adores your fingers
your body is not separate.
Together you create music,
make music, make love
and everything about it – her –
is alive.

a beating heart, I swear,
lies beneath the wood

when you play

October ’05


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