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23.5.18 California

overnight train
from Oakland to Portland
from midnight in dim-lit industrial neverwheres
and four halting pickups
to picking up speed,
waking up after two hours to see
the half-moon hanging golden
over some unknowable landscape
trees like dark holes cut out of the night
and occasional flashes
of unshaped water.
Traversing this place
where maybe it is always dark
and the shape of things will always
just be hinted.
This is the passing-through.
Sleeping strangers
and the moon now backlighting
a dirty cloud
over occasional bright
diners & gas stations
never surprised
eternal in themselves
unchanging Americana
in between these unknowable
dark landscapes
and the red-lit train crossings.


The Door

I loved her, in the way
you love things you cannot hold.
the breath before the fall,
the vine that teaches you to climb.

she was a door in unexpected places;
high above the ground
“step”, she said
and I did

on the route beneath the road
hand over hand
further up towards
the fear delicious
she smiled –

a smile stolen from the Devil.
Dirt on my hands
and whiskey in my throat.

Many miles from home,
I watched the cars pass below
from our unseen perch
delinquent birds; or bats perhaps

and wondered
how I would weather this wonder
how to handle the way
my world has widened

and the space between
my magic-makers;
my doors
and my freely-given keys.

Oakland, July 2013

28.6.13 ii

chase the summer, she thought
but found herself
thirteen thousand k’s away,
a withering tree in winter.
the sun means nothing;
only the gingerbread trail
promise of Soon,
soon, I will
touch you again.

June 2013

28.5.13 montreal

strange hum
like the language I’m surrounded by,
I understand only snippets
an outsider
outside her
outside myself

my grasp of my own language
breaks down
in attempt
to make sense
and maybe
it’s freedom from words
I needed


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