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My America

my America
tastes like sesame seeds on fresh bread
My America is not cruel and arrogant.
My America thinks before it speaks.
my America is loud and hearty generosity,
cactii and gaudy rugs
spotless trendy highrise
apartments full of light.
My America does not just
barge in
and my America knows its grammar.
My America is not about
conquering the world,
biggestfasteststrongestlongest –
My America is about life
it smells like coffee and laughter
and is a teacher of strength.
My America does not sound
like angry suits, cash registers and bombs

The real America
the true America
has the voice of the gospel women.

September ’07


A fragile thing

a fragile thing
is an empty space,
and endangered thing
not just “endangered” but
en DANGERED! a dangerous
place is the world, for an
empty space

for people are always wanting to
fill it
kill it

October ’05


Why does love have to be relative?
Why can’t we just say -love!-
and mean just that?
Don’t compare it to theirs
remember it’s just ours.
Don’t label it “romantic, unromantic, lust,
passion, undying, temporary, static, untruthful,
one-sided, unrequited, filler, equal, old, young”
or any other adjective

Don’t say “it needs work”
or it’s at this stage
it’s just where it is
and what it is
and who it is?


October ’05

a blank page

I.  why is it
    that a new notebook
    inspires us to write?

    does the white page cry out
    for the marriage to ink,
    Does it yearn?

    Or perhaps we feel
    That the lack of something existing
    in a place
    creates the immediate need
    of something there

    like when the anti-cheese sat
    broodingly on our willow-patterned plate
    Until aunt Denise, in exasperation
    went out to buy a cake
    simply to fill
    the space.

    Is this why mankind fill up
    the desert and the fields and the plains
    and the valleys, the anti-mountains
    with our houses and buildings

    and office blocks

    until we feel we’ve been

    In that case, why do we love the sea?
    The most difficult open space for us
    to make into anti-space,
    why do we love it?

    Perhaps it is a relief
    to find something
    so obviously and blatantly more powerful,
    in which case we
    are not to blame for any failures.

II. (and yet the valleys, too
     the anti-mountains
     tomorrow will swallow our progress)

August ’05


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