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strange electric insects
guide me home
line the path with their
sacred circling of trees
their private gods

I have circled the ocean
to pay my respects,
long overdue
anointed my head with holy salt
as the ocean circles me
I have followed the long arc
back home
to the better air

and now the dirt path back
to the house, more solid
and real than anything
a year in the city has shown me,
my feet here have certainty
and rhythm, as my breath,
as the ocean,
as the circling of the stars
and the seasons
as above, so below

in sweat and breath, I’m almost home
guided by the buzzing beetles
rhythmic in their singing
to their private gods.


hobart hearts

1.  smalltown blues
    take hold of many, here,
    in the grey of winter
    they dream of escape

    talk of “getting out”
    as though
    this town were a box

    I stand on the beach,
    watch the southern ocean
    stretch out, endlessly
    before me

            the sky wheels overhead

2.  brothers & sisters come
    like birds,
    from far east, north, west,
    craving the air

    foreign hearts
    melt into the landscape,
    it takes on their flavours

            the clouds flow past

3.  with the sun, life
    all tastes imaginable
    and colours unimagined

    turn of the season,
    those sweetest of heart
    return home

    when hobart hearts are far away
    the southern ocean calls.

15 Jan. ’10 – Chado

Writing news

I recently sent eight of my poems off to Ralph Wessman at Famous Reporter. My friend and fellow poet (he’s a professional one, no less!) Geoff Goodfellow encouraged me to do so, and Mr. Wessman himself judged the recent poetry reading night at my school (in which I won second place) so I decided I should definitely give it a go. Especially since on the Famous Reporter website it says “New, emerging and young poets are especially encouraged to submit work.” So I reckon I am in with a fighting chance!

Something else exciting came up tonight. That poetry reading night opened another opportunity for me. I was emailed by one of the teachers who ran the event, who asked me to email the poems I read to a lady by the name of Elizabeth Winfield. I had no idea who Ms. Winfield was or why I was being asked to send my poems to her, I supposed she was someone at the school who would be publishing them in the yearbook or something like that, as some such thing had been mentioned to me before. So I emailed her my poems, and today when checking my email found a reply from her. I am waiting on permission to post the email here, but the gist of it was that she liked my writing and apparently my poems will be published in the November edition of The Poets’ Republic, of which I believe she is Editor. Some information on this publication can be found here:

It seems Ms. Winfield has also worked with Mr. Wessman. That’s something I love about the Tasmanian community, in any field – everyone is connected somehow, and so if you are recommended by one person, there are possibilities for recommendations from many people. And for all its small size, Tasmania seems to constantly produce the goods in unexpected ways in many fields. It seems that we are a small island of highly concentrated talent. It makes me proud to be a Tasmanian, as corny as that sounds. There is something special about this place.


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