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from the void

calmness in a cup
light, flitting across the surface,
calling out to the morning

– hello where have you come from –

from the belief
at the bottom of the well

– and what for and when –

tomorrow I will bring
new stories from the void

– but how? –

breathe in
and you will know

12 Dec. ’09 – Chado



watching my eyes
from yours,
the world curves around
mirrored surface
i test it with my teeth
sensing out its strength

the world outside the window
for a moment
seems faraway, a strange
giant bug, crawls slowly past
i blink, it is gone.

hallucination or premonition?

i shift in my seat
you make me restless
my ears ring

27 Nov. ’09 – Chado

smell like summer

one’s view
is upwards

i see
the sky,
midwinter blue,
the trees

some bare
(the gums
still green)

against the shining blue
a bird improvises,
i applaud.

from within heat
of sickness
i think –

that if I opened my window
it could almost
smell like summer.

July ’08

Don’t Tell Me

A treble clef upon the moon
A step above the train below
One try-hard glimpse of the world on time,
Waiting for the drift to glow.
A drip below a lip untouched,
One drop of blood from unyeilded lust,
Anxiety of this was born
Teeth that no longer greet the morn.

Don’t tell me that the time has come.
I will awake
When my sleep is done.
This is the song of a soul long gone.
I will awake
When my sleep is done.

March ’05


Tension crackles
In the electric air;
The fierce blue waits,
In the heat.
He feels the suspension silence,
Sees the rising waves
The anger beneath ashphalt.
It is still, silent,
Earth, beating, living,
Sky holding its breath
Of the next sweet surge

March ’05


Barely tangible memories
Exasperatingly placed
So far apart,
Can you fathom this eccentricity?
Buffeted by the solace of the singular mind.
As my dreams give up and take
A different turn,
Motivationally dead,
Pale blues, yellows and greens just
hanging about
From the backs of chairs,
Wisps of their yarn
Trailing across the dusted floor.
And at the grimy sink,
An orange kitten drowns
In dishwater stone cold.
Fuzzy, bright, warm, playful beauty
Drifting in the minor current,
Catching shafts of undersea light,
Grit, like diamonds, floating sleepily
His fur wafts gently side to side,
Glassy eyes once filled with light,
Now ever open, unseeing.

December ’04


Over the hill lay still
Glass within myself perturbed
The land of the living calling faintly
Nay enticing
Why take reality
When reality breaks?
Everything melted and melded
Welded together with honey and sap.
Petals falling,
Hair growing.
her confused brow more beautiful than before,
And the cartons are grieving
For past wrinkled, shrivelled.
Driven from tender ears.
Whom wrapped in white shall be?
Ceased and cursed of red hand raised?
A hand still against me,
After all these years.
I shake my head and walk on,
For who cares for the shop windows
Of a future we cannot have?

December ’04


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